April 2018 Fishing with Seminole Councilman and Hard Rocker – Chris Osceola

Fishing brings people together. Its very simple! Fishing creates the ability to form long lasting friendships with very strong bonds.

I got the chance to meet Chris Osceola at one of the Miami Dolphins games, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Hollywood. 

Chris and I started talking about fishing from the moment we met and continued talking about it for close to 30 minutes. Since then, we’ve been slaying fish from fresh to salt water… Tuna, Mahi, Sailfish, Bass and Peacock bass.

We even fished the Jimmy Johnson Billfish Tournament together with the top notch crew aboard the Qualifier.

March 2018 – Yankees Pitcher – CC Sabathia and Peter Miller Fishing

I had the honor of donating a fishing trip to Rihanna’s charity www.claralionelfoundation.org at the Diamond Ball Fundraiser in New York City.

The CLF supports and funds groundbreaking and effective education, health and emergency response programs around the world. With the voices of Rihanna and her fans, CLF also engages in global advocacy with the goal of improving the quality of life for young people everywhere.

Current programs include the Clara Lionel Foundation Global Scholarship Program, the Clara Braithwaite Center for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados and the Barbados Micro Grants Program.

The trip I donated raised $10,000 for the charity and was purchased by CC Sabathia of the famed, New York Yankees. We had an absolute blast. Here are a few photos from our 1/2 day trip.

2018 Bass Pro Shops Spring Fishing Classic

Its hard to believe that I’ve been partnered with Bass Pro Shops for 22 years! Each year they get better and bigger. Having recently acquired Cabelas, they have approximately 170 stores across the country.

I have the pleasure each year of being invited to speak / give seminars on fishing at various locations throughout the united states. 

One of my favorite moments however, is getting to meet the families, fans, novice fisherman and the die hard fisherman.

Here are a few memories from the event:

CES Jan 2018 – Monster Products – Peter Miller/ Las Vegas

Las Vegas, January 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show was nothing short of spectacular!

My partner MONSTER PRODUCTS had a booth that took up an acre of indoor real estate. Their new technology is cutting edge….bringing to the booth a long list of celebs for all 5 days, including: IGGY AZALEA (rapper)  http://joeperry.com  (Aerosmith),  STEVE AOKI (DJ) and Peter Miller Peter Miller Fishing Rock Star .

I had my own 14 foot poster displaying the newest of the new! The Super Star Super Star Waterproof Speakers . I did an interview  with Scott Ertz from Plughitzlive talking about the speakers and how the partnership between myself and monster started…click this link to see the full story: Peter Miller Interview

I got the chance to speak with Iggy and was very impressed with her poise and professionalism. She held the crowds’ attention every time she spoke. She handled and responded to each and every question from the interviewers as if she had questions ahead of time. She is sharp! One of my favorite moments was when she saw me face timing with my daughter, Emily and ran over to my phone and talked with Emily, face to face! That may have been the coolest moment of the entire trip 🙂

Next up was an amazing event at Omni Night Club, where I got to hang with Steve Aoki, Usain Bolt and Flavor Flave until 4am. Steve came on to DJ at 1am and Usain was invited up to spin with him! The crowd was amped beyond belief. 

This was a trip for the record books! Im still trying to catch up on my sleep!

Heres the final pic with CEO and Head Monster…Noel Lee, Iggy and myself with her new line of air link AIR LINK  wireless earbuds. 

Here is the Monster Super Bowl Commercial! Monster Super Bowl Commercial

Thanks for  watching and please visit my micro site to find the best waterproof floating speakers on the market…at: Peter Miller Monster Website

Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium nominated for “Best New Attraction” of 2017 by USA Today

Help WOW win the title “Best New Atraction! You can  vote for the WOW  at this link: wondersofwildlife.org/vote

I recently attended the Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium grand opening in Springfield, Missouri. What an incredible place…

WOW has 35,000 live fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds; 1.5 million gallons of freshwater and saltwater aquariums; and more than 1.5 miles of trails that meander through 4-D dioramas that share sights, sounds and smells of wildlife habitat, including the African savannah, the Amazon rainforest, ten U.S. National Parks and the Arctic.

I had a blast at the opening event and recommend the venue to everyone.

The Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium has been nominated as a “Best New Attraction” of 2017 by USA Today in its ’10 best’ series. 

Help them win the title “Best New Atraction! You can  vote for the WOW  at this link: wondersofwildlife.org/vote

You can vote once daily until January 1st. 

If you can’t tell already, me and the grouper below really enjoy his new home at WOW 🙂 


Finding structure for deepwater bottom fishing

Keeping track of your fishing coordinates is very important.

Taking it a step further, logging your fishing spots during specific times, throughout the year,  will help you learn to decipher patterns and understand bottom fish behavior.

The deepwater species  like the we target live anywhere from 600 to 2,000 feet deep. These are creatures of habit and they will return to certain bottom structure, or stay stationary, year after year.

A good way to find productive deep dropping grounds is to watch your sonar while trolling or running – while marking waypoints.

Furthermore, if you study any fishing chart…any structure in otherwise devoid deep water area will draw baitfish and consequently the rest of the food chain.

Once you have located a productive spot, mark the area on your sonar. Determine how the wind and current will push your boat. Fishing in very deep water means fishing, you’ll want to stay as stationary as possible, calm days are best. You can also use your engines to help keep your boat in the spot, and keep your lines as close to vertical as you can. When you find the structure, whether it be a shipwreck, bank, seamount…any place with a noticeable change in depth – work a slow grid pattern. With a little luck, there’s a great chance you’ll fill your cooler.

Raymarine’s new RealVision system allow you to read bottom like you never have before.

Gyro stabilization compensates for boat movement, delivering life-like 3D sonar imagery and the RealVision 3D Transducers combine CHIRP DownVision, CHIRP SideVision, High Frequency CHIRP, and RealVision 3D into a single transducer housing so that you can easily identify structure and locate fish with real life-like clarity.

Check it out here: Raymarine Axiom RealVision

New kite fishing how-to video

I just posted a brand new kite fishing video on my YouTube. I’ve been asked for years to put a descriptive kite fishing video/how to on YouTube. This video provides an in depth explanation of rigging and more, We also caught some mahis. Check it out, hope you like it 🙂


Raymarine Axiom Pro RXV

Check out the Axiom Pro series here

The Raymarine Axiom Pro is really changing the game in marine electronics. The Axiom system already won the Innovation Award at the 2017 Miami International Boat Show. I’ve fished this system, and am outfitting my new Yellowfin 39 Offshore with 2 Axiom Pro 16 inch displays. This system is easy to use and POWERFUL!

  • Axiom Pro RVX Multifunction Displays come in 9-inch, 12-inch or 16-inch sizes
  • They all utilize Raymarine’s HybridTouch control system with full touchscreen, keypad, and integrated control pad/rotary knob control
  • Axiom Pro RVX have 2 complete sonar systems, built in.  There are no black-boxes or external modules required.  Transducer connect directly to the display.
    • Sonar #1 is our new RealVision 3D system, giving you CHIRP DownVision, CHIRP SideVision, RealVision 3D and high CHIRP fish targeting.
    • Sonar #2 is a full 1kW offshore CHIRP sonar, capable of imaging fish, bait and bottom as deep as 5,000 feet.

All Axiom PRO MFD’s are built using optically bonded, IPS LCD display panels.  The addition of IPS technology gives them super-wide viewing angles, and makes them compatible with polarized sunglasses from every viewing angle.  Ultra-bring backlighting ensures the best possible viewing in even the most challenging conditions.

Axiom PRO MFD’s are networkable, and work with Raymarine’s full line of radar scanners, marine cameras, FLIR thermal night vision, autopilot, instruments and more.   Axiom Pro can also be networked together with all-touch Axiom MFDs, which come in 7, 9 or 12-inch versions.  This gives you smaller options for tight spaces like towers.

What I like most about the new Raymarine line of electronics is the versatility. These new MFDs are suited for both professional and amateur fishermen. They’re easy to use, yet insanely powerful! Also, I’m amazed at how effective the new 3D sonar system is. You are able to read structure that I would have never seen before, helping me catch more fish.

Bass Pro Shops Offshore Angler pro knives

These new Offshore Angler knives are top-notch. They’re constructed from premium German stainless steel, and have an Armor-X coating that won’t rust. The handles are also made from injected molded rubber/plastic for great grip. I just used both these knives to clean a boat load of mahi-mahi and blackfin tuna, and I especially like the index finger slot and upper thumb rest for leverage. Although the bait knife is called a bait knife, it is great for filleting smaller fish, and provides great control. Also, I find that these knives have the perfect amount of flex, so that you can really get close to the bone, and not waste any meat. Those looking to buy this knife, or other products available at Bass Pro Shops, may want to be made aware of the Bass Pro Shops promo code that can be applied when shopping with them to make a saving on purchases there, courtesy of Raise. There are few feelings better than grabbing a great product at a bargain price.

These are extremely tough, durable, premium knives!

  • Precision curved blade with perfect flex
  • Crafted from quality 4116 German stainless steel
  • Rockwell Hardness rating: 56-58
  • Chemically-bonded Armor-X corrosion-resistant coating
  • 3-piece injection-molded TPR handle
  • Designed for maximum leverage, comfort, and safety
  • Includes sheath

Here’s the Pro Fillet Knife 

Purchase here at Bass Pro Shops Offshore Angler Pro Fillet knife

Here’s the Pro Bait Knife 

Purchase here at Bass Pro Shops Offshore Angler Pro bait knife