CES Jan 2018 – Monster Products – Peter Miller/ Las Vegas

Las Vegas, January 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show was nothing short of spectacular!

My partner MONSTER PRODUCTS had a booth that took up an acre of indoor real estate. Their new technology is cutting edge….bringing to the booth a long list of celebs for all 5 days, including: IGGY AZALEA (rapper)  http://joeperry.com  (Aerosmith),  STEVE AOKI (DJ) and Peter Miller Peter Miller Fishing Rock Star .

I had my own 14 foot poster displaying the newest of the new! The Super Star Super Star Waterproof Speakers . I did an interview  with Scott Ertz from Plughitzlive talking about the speakers and how the partnership between myself and monster started…click this link to see the full story: Peter Miller Interview

I got the chance to speak with Iggy and was very impressed with her poise and professionalism. She held the crowds’ attention every time she spoke. She handled and responded to each and every question from the interviewers as if she had questions ahead of time. She is sharp! One of my favorite moments was when she saw me face timing with my daughter, Emily and ran over to my phone and talked with Emily, face to face! That may have been the coolest moment of the entire trip 🙂

Next up was an amazing event at Omni Night Club, where I got to hang with Steve Aoki, Usain Bolt and Flavor Flave until 4am. Steve came on to DJ at 1am and Usain was invited up to spin with him! The crowd was amped beyond belief. 

This was a trip for the record books! Im still trying to catch up on my sleep!

Heres the final pic with CEO and Head Monster…Noel Lee, Iggy and myself with her new line of air link AIR LINK  wireless earbuds. 

Here is the Monster Super Bowl Commercial! Monster Super Bowl Commercial

Thanks for  watching and please visit my micro site to find the best waterproof floating speakers on the market…at: Peter Miller Monster Website